TOWANDA BOROUGH — A Towanda man is in jail after approximately $15,000 in damage was done to the Bradford County Veterans Memorial Park in Towanda Borough on Monday.

Robert Wayne Devine, 57, of Towanda, was arrested by Towanda Borough Police Chief Randy Epler after Epler was called by a Towanda Borough employee who witnessed the defacing of the park from the borough’s office adjacent to the park.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Epler was called and advised that a person was pushing over stones and doing damage to the recently completed park. Epler responded and searched the park and did not see anyone else until a man stood up from behind a large stone.

Epler then took the man into custody after he did not respond to questions. The chief then contacted the borough employee, who confirmed that the person in custody was who he saw pushing over stones by placing his back against the stones and using stones in front of him for a brace.

The caretaker of the park estimated that the damages done were approximately $15,000.

One of the final pieces of the more than one million dollar park, the aluminum rotunda, was placed recently after years of fundraising by the Bradford County Veterans Memorial Association.

Devine is charged with intentional desecration of a public monument, institutional vandalism of a facility used for the purpose of memorializing the dead, and criminal mischief. He is currently held at the Bradford County Correctional Facility on $5,000 bail.

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