Over $506,000 has been allocated to improve railways in Bradford and Wyoming counties by the State Transportation Commission.

The $506,100 designated to Bradford and Wyoming counties will benefit a rail freight improvement project through Lehigh Railway LLC by purchasing approximately 4,900 railroad ties, according to a press release from Gov. Tom Wolf.

The Lehigh Railway LLC project is one of 26 rail freight improvement projects that received more than $31.3 million through the Rail Transportation Assistance Program and the Rail Freight Assistance Program recently.

Wolf stated that the improvement projects will “enhance freight mobility while creating or sustaining more than 200 jobs across Pennsylvania.”

“Investing in our state’s rail system creates jobs and supports efficient freight travel. These investments help us build a world-class infrastructure system and support the business community,” Wolf said, while noting that the commonwealth has 65 operating railroads and more than 5,600 miles of freight lines, more than any other state in the country.

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