Canton Borough strikes new deal with WIP property management

Canton Borough Council discussed progress made with maintenance of the WIP property during a meeting Monday night.

CANTON — Canton Borough has moved forward with a new plan of action as to how to deal with the WIP property, which has been deemed an attractive nuisance and been spoken of at length in borough meetings for many years.

Codes Enforcement Officer John Raub stated that progress has been made with the WIP property, as he has been in contact with the property’s attorney, caretaker and property manager and has forged a new deal for how it will be maintained.

Though the property has been left uncared for for many years, leading to unruly grass and brush as well as trash and items on the property and issues with individuals trespassing on the land, Raub stated that the caretaker “has been great to work with” and that he believes the conditions of the property were not “truthfully related” to her in the past.

Raub stated that after discussion with him the property manager has agreed that the property will be properly posted so that any trespassing can be dealt with in a correct legal manner, that an area that trespassing individuals have made into a “hangout” using junk will be cleaned up and that weed and brush removal as well as other lawn care will be completed.

Raub also said that he made a suggestion that the property have a chain link fence with a visibility barrier installed around the property.

“Given the other legal issues with titles and liens and all that that have been discussed at nauseam I think that this is a pretty good suggestion, pretty good course of action to start with,” Raub commented.

Raub stated that the company has asked the borough to complete what maintenance work they are willing to on the property, which Canton Borough agreed to do at a charge to WIP management, and the property managers will contract local individuals to carry out the rest of the needed care.

Local Brian Koval, a neighbor who has voiced concern with the property for years, asked why a second violation notice cannot be sent against the property and Raub questioned what that would accomplish that has not already been taken care of within the borough’s new agreement with property managers.

“Here’s the truth of the factor and we’re going to be realistic, they’re not going to knock the building down, they’re not going to re-roof the building...they’re not going to build a new building and bring a new factory in... so that’s where we’re starting,” Raub said.

Though Koval voiced that he was not satisfied with the measures, Canton Borough President David Groover stated that the borough will move forward with the new agreement.

“I think we have a legitimate plan of action that the codes enforcement officer is taking at this time, I’m sorry if it doesn’t agree with what you would like him to do but this is the plan that he is moving forward on,” Groover said.

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