Canton Board of Education swears in new member

Arica Jennings was sworn in as the new member of Canton Area School District’s Board of Education on Thursday.

CANTON BOROUGH — The Canton Area School District’s Board of Education approved their 2021-2022 final budget on Thursday.

The meeting took place in the high school cafeteria at 5 p.m.

The budget consists of expenditures of $19,047,974 and revenues of $17,836,746 with a fund balance of around $5.5 million.

The budget was unanimously approved by all members of the board.

The budget will have no tax increases and tax levies will remain the same as last year.

Some of these levies include the earned income tax of a 1% levy, the real estate transfer tax will be 1%, the per capita tax per school code 679 will be $5 per person and the per capita tax act 511 is a $10 per person levy.

Payments will be three month installments and due on August 31, September 30 and October 31.

Dr. Eric Briggs, the superintendent of Canton Area School District, thought the meeting went great and attributes it to the collaboration and determination of the board members.

“We are proud that we are able to move forward with no tax increase,” said Briggs. “I know with everything going on, the community will appreciate that.”

He said federal dollars that the school received helped in the short term during the pandemic, but is hopeful the new budget will pave the way for long term solutions.

“We are looking forward to getting this school back to as close as we can to March 12, 2020 and that’s the motto I give to people,” said Briggs.

He is hopeful that the new policies and procedures concerning health and safety will return the school back to a pre-pandemic sense of normalcy.

The meeting was also notable for swearing in Arica Jennings as their new board member.

Jennings has two children in the district and believes her experience as a mother and director of a medical practice can bring leadership skills to the role.

She said she wanted to join to ensure children in the district are guided towards success and can contribute to society later in life.

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