Canton SD to bypass flexible instruction days

Canton Area School District Superintendent Eric Briggs (rear right) addressed school board members during a meeting last Thursday.

CANTON — Canton Warriors will soon return to their classrooms, but before students hit the halls, the school district has announced several updates in hopes of welcoming them to the best school year possible.

Canton Area School District Superintendent Eric Briggs informed school board members of a Warrior Pride initiative that is underway that will utilize the usage of school colors in building decor to stoke school spirit before Business Manager Mark Jannone explained two changes in safety procedures for the 2019-2020 school year, during a meeting of the Board of Education last Thursday.

Jannone stated that Canton Area School District has installed more security cameras on campus, especially to outdoor areas, and that students will enter the Canton High School using a new plan when they return.

Previously, students would enter through the school’s front doors and congregate in the lobby, told Jannone, creating a “mass of students” that produced what he called the school’s “most vulnerable safety spot.”

Jannone explained that Canton Warriors will now continue to enter the high school’s front doors but then report to homeroom directly after having breakfast so that no mass forms in the lobby. The bell schedule will be adjusted to accommodate this change.

Briggs announced that Canton Area School District will not be taking part in “flexible instructional days” that have been created at the state level through public school code Act 64 of 2019 section 1506.

Flexible instructional days allow districts to meet the requirement to have 180 days of school each year by using cyber assignments on school days that are often canceled due to circumstances such as adverse weather.

“Canton Area School District will not be looking to utilize such school days due to vast disparages among and between families for students to complete cyber assignments and assessments for students,” Briggs said. “Based on my past experience as superintendent in this district our administrative team has been able to develop a school calendar that is flexible and prepares our students and families for such events as severe weather...although flexible instruction days may be beneficial for some school districts, I would not believe our district is in a position where this approach to education was in the best interest of all of our students.”

Canton students are scheduled to return to school on Aug. 26.

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