Canton to move to virtual schooling for multiple days following Thanksgiving

Canton Area School District will close its doors and move to virtual instruction for two school days after Thanksgiving.

CANTON — Canton Area School District will move to fully virtual learning for multiple days following Thanksgiving.

Canton Area School District Superintendent Eric Briggs has announced that Canton Area Schools will close their doors and move to online-only education from Wednesday, Dec. 2 through Friday, Dec. 4.

Briggs stated that Canton will return to in-person instruction on Monday, Dec. 7.

All athletic and extracurricular activities, including voluntary practices on school property will be permitted through Wednesday, Nov. 25 but will be suspended from Thursday, Nov. 26 through Sunday, Dec. 6, according to Briggs.

“As an administrative team, we believe this move to remote instruction provides an extra layer of health and safety for our students and our staff,” Briggs said. “We know that during the Thanksgiving break, we will see an increase in social gatherings within families and potentially visitors to other states. The additional time online allows for us to potentially mitigate any spread from COVID-19 as this allows more time for symptoms to develop should any students or staff become positive COVID-19 cases.”

“These steps are being taken as mitigative measures as the district attempts to be proactive in controlling the spread of cases through outbreaks within the school building,” Briggs continued. “I continue to be extremely proud of our families, staff, and students as they have been great collaborative partners as we continue to increase our efforts to stop the spread and still provide quality educational opportunities for our students.”

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