Canton Township boasts balanced 2020 budget, no tax raise

Canton Township officials are shown during a January meeting.

CANTON — Canton Township residents will see no tax rate raise in 2020 as officials have passed a final budget that boasts balanced revenue and expenditures.

Canton Township Secretary Elnor Blaney stated that the township’s tax rate will remain steady at seven mills as it was last year.

Canton Township’s budget shows an expected revenue of $412,352 with $392,000 coming in from real estate taxes and $11,352 from intergovernmental revenue including $10,000 in foreign fire relief.

Township expenses are also estimated to total to $412,352 with $138,010.50 being spent on roads, $106,825 on health insurance, $60,000 to a fire contract and a $19,000 cost for liability insurance.

Canton Township’s Liquid Fuels Fund budget estimates $192,932 in revenue, mostly stemming from annual highway aid which will bring in $166,412.

Liquid Fuels expenses are also set to total $192,932 with the bulk of the cost being road maintenance materials at $93,000 followed by cinders which are estimated to cost $37,500.

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