Bradford County for clean water

Residents are joining forces to see Bradford County’s water run clear.

Pennsylvania and neighboring states are working at local levels to clean up our state’s waterways that flow into the Chesapeake Bay. In 2019, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) submitted the Phase III Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP), which established tangible nutrient reduction goals based on locally-led initiatives to reduce water pollution, improve quality of life, address flooding problems, and obtain credit for previously installed best management practices. Within the Phase III WIP, all 43 Pennsylvanian counties within the Chesapeake Bay watershed were tasked with developing their own Community Clean Water Action Plan (CAP).

Bradford county is one of these, and our inputs of nitrogen and phosphorus into the Chesapeake Bay are substantial. Part of that is because of our geographic location and glaciated soils; however, a lot of that is due to our land use and chosen practices at our homes, businesses, etc ...

Since 1985 Bradford County has reduced its nitrogen load by 1,648,000 pounds and phosphorus load by 285,000 pounds, which is that much less going into our waterways. As this is a community clean water action plan, we are very interested in brainstorming ways we can work together as a community to accomplish reaching the county’s goals.

We know that there are a lot of good things going on in our community that we may not know about. Whether you are a business owner, landowner, part of an organization, or all the above, this opportunity is for you.

We would like to hear your thoughts, concerns, and ideas to better identify local priorities and initiatives to better serve the community and gain stakeholder input on the planning and implementation process. By receiving your input, we will be able to plan and execute realistic practices that will help community stakeholders improve overall water quality.

By supporting the development of Bradford County’s plan, you could make a difference to your local water quality. Improving the environment and waterways, within your area, will directly impact your local neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and economy. The plan that is being developed will be executed over the next several years and will impact the way Bradford County achieves its nutrient reduction goals.

We believe everyone’s input matters in the planning for betterment of a community and we would value your communication and engagement. It is our goal to protect the future of natural resources within Bradford County, while prioritizing the community’s objectives.

The Bradford County Kickoff Stakeholder Meeting will be held virtually Thursday, April 29 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Please RSVP for your attendance by emailing Josh Glace ( or Cathy Yeakel ( and the meeting link will be emailed to you. The meeting will cover an overview of the program and discussion into the community’s ideas for nutrient reduction in the county. Your input into the CAP is valued and we look forward to some great collaboration from all stakeholders.

The Bradford County Conservation District is committed to helping people manage resources wisely. You can visit the Bradford County Conservation District at 200 Lake Rd in Wysox across from the Wysox Fire Hall. Contact us at (570) 485-3144 or visit our web page at