Bradford County forests – help is on the way!

Adam Chorba, forest specialist with the Bradford County Conservation District, is ready to help landowners progress toward forest management goals.

Bradford County Conservation District welcomes Adam Chorba as the new Forest Specialist.

With forest land being the dominant land cover of Bradford County, the need for someone to be available to assist landowners with questions on how to manage that land is critical. To fill that need, BCCD recently hired Adam Chorba. Adam is a Penn State graduate with an associate degree in wildlife technologies and a bachelor’s degree in wildlife & fisheries management with successful completion of extensive forestry- related coursework. Adam is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, and most any other outdoor recreation, but he favors waterfowl hunting most. Adam also helps manage his family’s beef farm with a focus on wildlife habitat improvement. Adam’s favorite part about working in this field is being able to help improve the quality of nature and to help others do the same. Adam feels “the forest is a key component of nature and an important resource that must be managed wisely because, without it, life couldn’t sustain”.

The Bradford County Forest Specialist will be responding to landowner requests for planning assistance related to forest management for timber harvest, habitat improvement, water quality, and sustainability. The Forest Specialist will advise on proper erosion and sedimentation controls on active logging sites and will be the point of contact for logging- related complaints and navigating local, state, and federal authorization requirements. This position will be responsible for implementing current and future County forest-related programs including education and outreach activities for youth, adults, and industry professionals.

Furthermore, the Forest Specialist will be responsible for coordinating riparian forest buffer implementation efforts between Pennsylvania and New York Upper Susquehanna Coalition (USC) member Conservation Districts to contribute to the development of cohesive and sustainable riparian buffer implementation and maintenance programs. The Forest Specialist will be responsible for engaging landowners throughout the USC watershed in an effort to promote and increase the establishment of forested riparian buffers and reforestation across the landscape. This position was made possible by funding from USC through a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant as well as funding from BCCD.

Forest across Pennsylvania can hold many different short and long-term benefits for landowners. Achieving these often requires intentional management. Whether it’s for wildlife, timber value, recreation, or just good old-fashioned stewardship, a Forest Specialist can help you get the resources you need to properly maintain or increase your forest value now and for years to come. You can contact Adam at (570) 485-3124.

The Bradford County Conservation District is committed to helping people manage resources wisely. You can visit the Bradford County Conservation District at 200 Lake Rd in Wysox across from the Wysox Fire Hall. Contact us at (570) 485-3144 or visit our web page at