COVID-19 confirmed in Canton football player

A member of the Canton Warrior football team has tested positive for COVID-19.

Canton Area School District officials have announced that a member of the Warrior football team has tested positive for COVID-19.

In a letter posted on the district’s Facebook page on Saturday, Canton Area School District Superintendent Eric Briggs stated that Friday night’s Canton vs. Athens football game was canceled after Canton staff were notified that there was potential that a player on the Athens Wildcats football team had COVID-19.

While Athens did not have a confirmed case of COVID-19, “it was determined to cancel the contest for the health and safety of all players and both communities,” according to Briggs.

After the game was cancelled however, Canton Area School District officials were notified that a Warrior football player and parent(s) of football players had received positive COVID-19 tests.

In the post, Briggs explained that all Warrior football players were “immediately informed” that positive tests have been reported.

“As has been our standard practice since the start of the pandemic, we intend to communicate when we have students, faculty, or any staff who have tested positive in our school community,” Briggs stated. “While we encourage all parents to share with the school district if members of their child’s house have been tested positive for COVID-19, they are certainly entitled not to share such information.”

“If they choose to share that information with our district, we always ensure that we do not violate any privacy information for our students and parents,” the post continued. “Therefore, we do not and will not share with our community any test results from parents or other members of households who do not have a direct health or safety threat to our district.”

Briggs also informed that Canton’s administrative team “has been working diligently to prepare for school on Monday” and that Canton will continue school “as normally scheduled” on Monday after custodial staff has completed a “deep cleaning” of both Canton High School and elementary school this weekend.

As per advice by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the entire Canton football team and the coaches who were present on September 16th will be quarantined and not permitted back on Canton’s campus for 14 days.

All football activities, including Varsity and Junior Varsity events, will be suspended until after the 14-day quarantine, according to the Facebook post, though all other sports will continue, following the precautions listed in Canton’s health and safety plan.

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