Energy company has conditional use approval from Wysox Supervisors

Wysox Township Board of Supervisors met on Wednesday to approve a conditional use application for energy company, REV LNG, LLC.

WYSOX TOWNSHIP — A local energy company was given conditional use approval for training purposes from the Wysox Township Board of Supervisors at their meeting on Wednesday.

REV LNG, LLC is an energy company that has been given conditional use for a temporary trailer flare truck for training purposes regarding natural gas pipeline maintenance and related activities, according to the board.

The training will be conducted at a leased property located along Leisure Drive.

Wysox Township Supervisor Frank Hoffman over zoom said that “having listened to that hearing and looked at recommendations, I think all of the requirements of the zoning ordinance were met.”

The approval has 14 stipulations for the conditional use that includes the use of security cameras on site, the use of approved permits and the company will comply with all safety requirements that are determined by the Wysox Township Fire Company.

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