As heavy rains continued overnight Monday and into Tuesday morning, heavy flooding covered the area for a second day.

Andilee Brown was at home with her husband and two young children when the building they were living in literally washed away.

Brown lived in the apartment above the New Albany Community Library that was swept into the middle of state Route 220 as the result of heavy flooding on Tuesday.

“It was the most terrifying thing I have ever endured,” said Brown. “The sounds of the water ripping through our home and the crashing of the walls around us will be something I will never forget for sure.”

Brown and her family were trapped atop the structure that sat in the middle of the road and had to be rescued from inside.

Christine Buttito too was at home when a knock on her door told her and her husband to leave their home as quickly as possible.

Buttito and her husband left their Durrell home in Asylum Township to seek shelter as a creek nearby was impending.

It was not until Buttito saw a photo of her home on Facebook that she saw the damages that flood waters had caused. The walls of her bedroom were ripped off.

She stated that the creek in her yard at times would become high and waters have made their way into her utility room, but nothing like Tuesday had ever occurred prior.

The southwestern portion of Bradford County was the hardest hit on Monday, as the southeastern section of the county endured the most damage on Tuesday.

Bradford County Commissioner Ed Bustin related that, “We’re talking about all time high levels of flooding in some areas,” on Tuesday.

Bustin added that officials of New Albany Borough believe that the flooding endured during the past two days may have been the most that the area has ever seen.

Jeff Scarboro, director of public safety and emergency management agency for the county, said that due to approximately 3 inches of rain falling between 7 and 10 a.m. on Tuesday, areas across the county became isolated by floodwaters.

The Pennsylvania Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team was called to the area on Tuesday to assist in a multitude of resources.

Following the report of an injury, as a house on Kellogg Road had been swept in the nearby Towanda Creek, a helicopter was called in to rescue the injured person and another from the floating structure. The two individuals were taken to the Guthrie Towanda Memorial Hospital.

From there, the helicopter returned to the area to rescue four first responders who were unable to get out of the area they were in.

The National Guard and four members of Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency Incident Management were brought into the area to assist local personnel.

Bustin related that 10 members of the National Guard are in the area to help assist where needed. They are equipped with a motor vehicle utilized to access isolated locations in the event of flooding. The equipment is essential in case of flooding shifts over nights causing stranded people, and a helicopter not being able to assist in the night time.

Bustin added Tuesday afternoon that some of the areas that became isolated were in New Albany, Camptown, around the Northeast High School, Warren Township and Monroeton areas.

Today gears will shift toward the recovery mode rather than the response mode to the devastation.

To help area responders, members of the National Guard are in the area to help reach isolated areas, deliver water and other items as well as general recovery.

Although the Bradford County Emergency Management Agency was unable to confirm if anyone was stranded in an isolated location, Scarboro did state that local municipal officials believed that there was no one left unaccounted for.

The American Red Cross had opened Towanda Elementary School on Tuesday as an evacuation shelter for flood victims as well. Another shelter had been opened at the Montrose High School.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has put in place a long-term detour for state Route 220 due to the damage caused to the roadway.

State Route 220 is closed between Harney Road and Route 414 West in Albany Township. The detour is state Route 220, Interstate 180, state Route 15, state Route 14 and state Route 414.

“The department currently is assessing the extent of the damage to these roads and will evaluate any repairs that need to be made,” reads a press release submitted by PennDOT.

A section of the Towanda Municipal Authority’s water main has been compromised as a result of the flooding. Those south of Monroe Borough may be without water or experience low water pressure until crews are able to make necessary repairs once the water levels recede.

A water boil advisory has also been issued by the Towanda Municipal Authority for customers between New Albany Township to Monroe Township. Customers affected are advised to boil all water for drinking, ice making, brushing teeth, washing dishes and cooking, to a rolling boil for one minute and let cool before consuming. The boil advisory will stay in effect until further notice.

The following roadways in Bradford and Sullivan counties have been affected by flooding at the time of publication:

Bradford County

Route 6 between Route 14 in Troy Township and Saco Road in North Towanda Township.

Route 6 between Goff Road in Standing Stone Township and Coolbaugh Road in Wysox Township.

Route 187 between Route 6 in Wysox Township and Wyalusing/New Albany Road in Terry Township.

Route 187 between Rome Road in Rome Township and the end of Route 187.

Route 220 between Harney Road in Albany township and Route 414 West.

Route 409 between Route 6 and the end of Route 409 at Camptown in Wyalusing Township.

Route 706 between Route 6 in Wyalusing and Waterman Road in Stevens Township.

Route 1017 (Herrickville Road) between Route 409 in Wyalusing Township and Mercur Road in Herrick Township.

Route 1023 (Irish Ridge Road) between Route 467 in Rome Borough and Mercur Hill Drive in Wysox Township.

Route 1049 (Leraysville Road) between Route 187 in Windham Township and Gulf Road in Warren Township.

Route 2010 (Wyalusing/New Albany Road) between Route 220 in New Albany and Rienze Road in Terry Township.

Route 2024 (Liberty Corners Road) between Route 2027 and Kingsley Hill Road in Towanda Township.

Route 4011 (Rolling Hills Road/Church Street) between Berwick Turnpike Road and Main Street in Smithfield Township.

Route 4017 (Leona Road) between Route 6 in Troy Township and Kingsley Road in Springfield Township.

Sullivan County

Route 2002 (Main Street) between Route 220 in Davidson Township and Nordmont Road in Laporte Township.

Route 3005 (Ogdonia Road) between the Lycoming County line in Shrewsbury Township and Route 87 in Hillsgrove Township.

Route 4009 between Campbellville Road and Millview Mountain Road in Elkland Township.

Route 4014 (Estella Spur) between Route 154 in Elkland Township and Millview Mountain Road in Forks Township.

Route 4016 (Campbellville Road) between Route 4009 in Elkland Township and Warburton Hill Road in Forks Township.

Route 4018 (Dushore Overton Road/Main Street) between Kelly Hill Road in Forks Township and Churchill Street in Dushore Borough.

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