After a long day of play

Paisley puts on a smile after a hard day of fun.

When inclement weather hits, life must go on in Bradford County.

Paisley Mae Malanonsky, 6, and her mother Kristin Malanonsky of Sayre, started the day just like everyone else, waking up to cancelled schools alongside frozen and snow covered cars and roads.

Some children are old enough to be left at home, but others must either have a parent stay home from work or find child care. Thankfully, Kristin owns her own business and can bring Paisley with her to the Tots’ Learning Center in Waverly.

While there Paisley was quick to point out how she was able to play with her friends.

“There was this hill of snow where you stop at the slide. Me and my friends went down the slide, it was so fun! And also we did a little bit of snow ball fighting!” she said, while proudly holding up all of her fingers to show she went down the slide 10 times.

The weather can be unpredictable, so Kristin tries to be as reliable as she can. She’s only closed her business once due to weather and it was because of flooding back in 2011. 

Weather doesn’t change what’s expected of people and sometimes it demands more of the community. When speaking about the weather reports, Kristin said, “To be honest, I don’t pay attention. I just go with the flow. If it comes it comes and if it doesn’t, nothing really changes. I have to go to work.” 

As she tackled extra chores like shoveling snow, Paisley was hard at work making sure everyone stays warm with her budding hot cocoa bar. She already has six different types of cocoa, four different types of marshmallows, and whipped cream. However, all the ingredients have to kept up high and out of reach of this part time young barista. “My mom keeps them up there so I don’t eat all of them.” Paisley said.

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