Gleco fired from Canton PD

Canton Borough Council is shown during a Monday night meeting in which they terminated former Canton police officer Joshua Gleco.

CANTON — A former Canton Borough police officer has been officially terminated from Canton Borough Police Department after pleading guilty to felonies and misdemeanors related to an alleged sexual relationship with a 16-year-old female and illegally recorded phone calls occurring in 2017 and 2018.

Joshua Gleco, 27, of Montoursville served as a police officer with Canton Borough Police Department until his arrest in January but was terminated from his position through a vote from the Canton Borough Council Monday night.

Gleco pleaded guilty to two offenses of intercepting communications, one count of obscene materials and one count of corruption of minors in August after initially being charged with crimes including felony sexual abuse of children, child pornography, felony wiretap violation and corruption of minors.

Canton Borough Police Chief Doug Seeley called for Canton Borough Council to fire Gleco Monday night, stating that they had the right to do so under the Law Enforcement Act following his guilty plea to three counts of felony of the third degree.

Canton Borough Solicitor David Brann stated that the borough has followed all requirements and procedures necessary prior to voting to terminate Gleco including notifying him of termination and receiving a reply.

“There’s really no accurate response, he’s already pled guilty to felonies and serious there wasn’t much of a response but he did respond,” Brann said.

All members of Canton Borough Council voted yes to the motion to terminate Gleco with the exception of Board President Michael Shultz who abstained from the vote.

Gleco is scheduled to face sentencing before the Honorable Judge Evan Williams III on Sept. 23.

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