TOWANDA BOROUGH – Towanda Borough employees will be picking up bagged leaves placed at curbside in the Borough starting Tuesday, Nov. 10.

Although composting or mulching back into yards is strongly encouraged, residents of the borough wishing to have their bagged leaves picked up are asked to have this material at the curb by this date. Leaves must be placed in plastic or paper bags (ideally, biodegradable plastic). For tree and brush disposal, borough residents can haul them to the old dumpsite on Bridge Street by calling and making special arrangements with the borough office.

Crews will begin in the First Ward and proceed north street-by-street until the town is completed. Please have your leaves at curbside by this time, as the crews will not return once a street is picked up. For those persons wanting to dispose of their bagged leaves before the scheduled pick up, a temporary fenced-in dumpsite has been established at the borough’s property on Elm Street between Fourth and Main Streets and on South Fourth Street across from the SCI/YMCA Building (Memorial Park Drive). Those desiring leaves for mulch are invited to help themselves at this site. In addition, the borough will deliver leaves to homes within a reasonable distance. To arrange this, call the Borough Office at (570) 265-2696. Borough residents are also reminded that it is illegal to rake leaves into the street. This clogs up drain inlets as well as creates unsafe conditions for motorists and children.

Residents are also reminded that it is a violation of borough law to burn leaves within the borough limits. Violators can be subject to fines and court costs.