LeRoy Township settles Frontier Communications claim

LeRoy Township Supervisors Jason Krise, Mike Miosi and Ted Tomlinson are shown during a monthly LeRoy Township meeting on Monday.

LEROY — A claim made against LeRoy Township by Frontier Communications has been settled for a total of $3,300.

During a LeRoy Township monthly meeting held on Monday, Supervisor Ted Tomlinson explained that Frontier Communications filed a claim against LeRoy Township after they alleged that communication equipment owned by Frontier had been broken by township staff in August of 2020.

According to Tomlinson, Frontier claimed that the phone service they provide was disrupted after their equipment was broken by LeRoy Township employees who dug into the ground near Beers Road without first calling to ensure no equipment was in the area.

The claim from Frontier Communications was first for $4,000, Tomlinson stated, but LeRoy Township Supervisors submitted a counteroffer of $2,000 before accepting an offer made by Frontier at $3,300.

While there was a discrepancy over who was responsible for replacing the equipment, LeRoy Township or Frontier, LeRoy Township Supervisor Jason Krise pointed out that the amount of money being disputed was not worth the cost of continued legal fees.

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