Liz Terwilliger, MA, CCC-SLP, of Warren Center has been nominated to run as the Libertarian Party candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District.

Terwilliger is an Early Intervention speech-language pathologist who currently works with families in Bradford and Sullivan counties. In addition, she is chairperson of Walk for Our Buddies and the event coordinator for Carter Lackey Memorial Miles.

“I am running for Congress because I’m tired of the partisanship, the name calling and the bully tactics in politics today. Because I am not a Republican or a Democrat, I won’t bring partisan baggage with me to Congress. We need to respect each other enough to have a civil discussion of issues. You can’t call someone names and belittle their perspective on social media and then expect to work together,” she said.

“I believe we, the People, need to take back our government from career politicians. I strongly believe that we need term limits in Congress. Our Representative needs to be able to act and vote in the best interest of the people, in line with their constitutional duty, without regard for their political career. I have a family and a job in the community that I love, so if I am elected I will not seek more than two terms in office. We need representatives willing to serve their neighbors for a few years, not career politicians.”

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