The Endless Mountains Heritage Region is teaming up with the Route 6 Alliance to bring in a program to improve facades and signage along the Route 6 corridor in Bradford and Wyoming counties.

According to Endless Mountains Heritage Region Executive Director Cain Chamberlin, the Route 6 Alliance has already submitted an application for the funding through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development’s Keystone Communities program. On Thursday, he approached the Bradford County Commissioners for a letter of support to help get the program off of the ground.

Chamberlin said he’s already received support from the Bradford County Tourism Promotion Agency and Endless Mountains Visitors Bureau, and was seeking additional endorsements through both counties’ planning commissions as well as commissioners in Wyoming County.

“Obviously, a lot of our main streets around the area have dwindled over the years for different reasons, so we would like to see some streetscapes revitalized, give people the opportunity to get some funding to do that,” he said, noting that any facade improvements must face Route 6.

Grants would fund 50% of a project on a given property, not to exceed $5,000.

With the required matches, the Facade Program would represent a little more than a $240,000 investment into the area. Chamberlin added that the PA Wilds Region is just wrapping up its program and it has been successful.

Chamberlin has already reached out to the communities that could benefit from the program, and hopes to organize public meetings in both counties in the fall to gauge interest.

“Just to see some of these major downtown business districts revamped would be really nice for the region,” he said.

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