Alan Decker, 28, of Athens to Emily Sandfort, 22, of Sayre

Lisa K. Wilcox, 59, of Dushore to Marybeth Minier, 53, of Dushore

Thomas Finch, 33, of Towanda to Kendra B. Dyer, 24, of Towanda

Derek L. Thorpe, 29, of Granville Summit to Hannah L. Kelley, 28, of Granville Summit

Cody A. Miller, 28, of Sayre to Burgandy A. Gray, 28, of Sayre

Jeremiah Harvey, 24, of Warren Center to Sarah Beaton, 22, of Elmira, NY

Cody Jerrells, 22, of Athens to Victoria Rossen, 23, of Athens

Matthew D. Redell, 28, of Endicott, NY to Christina Peacock, 27, of Endicott, NY

Eric Kjelgaard, 39, of Monroeton to Hillary S. Ermisch, 29, of Monroeton

David Rua, 33 to Sheadan Wood, 18

Eric A. Faust Jr., 24, of Columbia Cross Roads to Julie M. Filling, 20, of Columbia Cross Roads

Brandon Fuller, 27, of Sayre to Brittany Cooley, 31, of Wyalusing

Sean Gisinger, 28, of Troy to Heleen Moyer, 23, of Troy

Alexander B. Teelon, 29, of Sayre to Virginia G. Rice, 23, of Sayre

Caleb Jackson, 25, of Canton to Tricia Hojnowski, 23, of Canton