Mosser retires from Canton Borough Council

John Mosser is shown with Bradford County Emergency Management Coordinator Sarah Neely during an awards ceremony in 2019 where he was named Bradford County Emergency Management Coordinator of the Year.

CANTON BOROUGH – Long time Canton Borough Council member John Mosser has announced his retirement.

Mosser announced his retirement from the Canton Borough Council during a monthly council meeting that he attended virtually on Monday.

In a statement read by Canton Borough Administrator Amy Seeley, Mosser stated that it is “at the urging of (his) family” that he chosen to retire from his elected office.

“It has been an honor and privilege to serve the citizens of Canton as a borough council member and mayor at various times over the past 40 years. I always aspired to work for the common good of all citizens of Canton, and for the betterment of the community,” Mosser’s statement read.

“As I step aside at this time, I encourage the current members of council and any future members to find common ground and work together to tackle the many challenges that face small, rural communities,” he continued. “I have had the pleasure of working with many hardworking, dedicated council members, members of the police and fire departments, and emergency response teams, and I appreciate the friendship and kindness these individuals have shown to me throughout the years. ... I am looking forward to the day that COVID-19 is controlled and I can socialize and meet with everyone again.”

Mosser has served the Bradford County and Canton communities in multiple capacities throughout his life, including as Bradford County Emergency Management Coordinator and Canton Emergency Management Coordinator.

Mosser stated that although he has retired from the borough council, he will keep his position as Canton Emergency Management Coordinator and will continue to be involved in Canton’s emergency management services.

Canton Borough Council approved Mosser’s retirement on Monday night, with board member George Jennings stating that he did so “with deep, deep regrets.” Other officials expressing their gratitude for his time.

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