NEB passes final budget

NEB board members Teresa Edsell and Devin Brown conduct a school board meeting on Monday evening.

ORWELL TOWNSHIP — The Northeast Bradford School Board voted 7-2 to pass the school’s annual budget in their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday evening.

The final budget includes a real estate tax rate increase of 3.3%, or a millage increase of 1.2643 to a total of 39.5771, which is in step with the Act 1 index. The school district plans on generating $4,731,516 in local revenue, which is mostly from real estate taxes, $9,313,958 from state revenue sources, and $323,406 from federal sources creating $14,368,880 in total revenue.

New to this year’s budget is an extra $27,740 in revenue from a Vocational Education Subsidy from the state.

The school projects to have $14,858,879 in expenditures in the 2019-2020 school year. The most notable changes in the new budget are $114,000 in salary increases and $249,000 in benefit increases which is primarily due to increased contributions to the Pennsylvania State Educational Retirement System and healthcare increases.

The new budget also shows increased expenditures on new computers and chromebooks, STEM equipment and more investment in the elementary school math curriculum.

Two school board members voted against the budget: Howard Rought and Debra Hicks. The rest voted in the affirmative.

This is Northeast Bradford’s 15th consecutive budget that has raised taxes.

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