Shown is NEB’s senior dedication to every 2020 graduate around the track fence at the high school.

ORWELL TOWNSHIP — Instead of a stuffy gym on a hot day, Northeast Bradford will be sending off their 2020 graduates at scenic Lake Bonin on the morning of Saturday, June 6 according to Superintendent William Clark.

Clark told the Review that due to the COVID-19 pandemic the school wanted to hold a graduation ceremony as close to a traditional one as possible while maintaining social distancing guidelines. The school and the graduating class came to a consensus on holding the graduation at Bonin Lake where students and their immediate families can drive up to the ceremony, get their diplomas and pictures then drive off into the rest of their lives — all while social distancing.

“The kids wanted to be together as best they could,” Clark remarked. “It’s nobody’s fault that it turned out this way but we feel bad. We wanted to make it special.”

The ceremony will be open to graduates and their immediate families along with necessary school personnel. All others wishing to watch the ceremony will be able to do so through a live stream provided by the school as well as a radio signal that will be broadcasting the graduation. Clark said that the administration worked hand in hand with the senior class to come up with the ad hoc plans.

“This is different than anything else we’ve done,” Clark continued. “We want the kids to know we miss them and we want their graduation to be memorable. Memories were taken from them this year.”

The rain date for the ceremony will be June 7.

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