North Towanda Township to vacate portion of Sugar Creek Road

This portion of Sugar Creek Road in North Towanda Township has sunken more than 15 feet since it was closed in 2011.

NORTH TOWANDA TOWNSHIP — The North Towanda Township Board of Supervisors carried a motion to advertise a new ordinance that would change the name of a portion of Sugar Creek Road in their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday evening.

The township vacated a portion of Sugar Creek Road late in 2018 that had eroded beyond the point of reclamation. The vacation of the road split it in half creating two portions of the same road that were not connected, which in turn has created some public safety issues.

Township officials said that there had been two instances of emergency services having to backtrack and reroute to get to residences on Sugar Creek Road after entering the road from the wrong side. No ill effects other than longer wait times were a result of the road confusion, but more instances like those were still possible in the future if no action was taken.

Originally a part of the Roosevelt Highway, Sugar Creek Road became the responsibility of North Towanda Township in 1991. Previously the road was controlled by the state.

The north side of Sugar Creek Road begins at the former intersection of Travis Road and Old Mills Road. The Travis Road bridge was closed in the 1980s and since there is no longer an intersection there the north side of Sugar Creek Road will be a continuation of Old Mills Road.

North Towanda Township Supervisor Gerald Sheets said that this was the most tolerable option the township had in renaming the road because the homes and businesses on the north side of the road would have had to change their address in the future regardless of what side of the road changed names.

The township officials thought it would be best to leave one side of the road unbothered by address changes. Sheets said that there are 18 residences that would have changed addresses with the name change.

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