First Assistant District Attorney Albert C. Ondrey announced that he will continue to run for district attorney of Bradford County.

“Upon receiving official notification that I received the majority of the write-in votes on the Democratic ticket, I have filed an acceptance of the nomination and will be on the ballot for the Nov. 5 election,” he said. “Since the numbers were extremely close, I am formally announcing that I will continue my campaign to serve the people of Bradford County as district attorney. I am humbled by the support I received in the primary election as well as the encouragement I have received to continue my efforts to become the next district attorney of Bradford County. I want to thank all the people who have supported me by signing my petition, helping my campaign financially, giving their time, working hard on my campaign and voting for me.”

Ondrey moved to Bradford County in 1985 and married native Teresa Ross. They have four children (Maggie, Sean, Christopher, and Lizzy) who grew up here and graduated from the Athens Area School District. Since coming to the area, Ondrey has done and continues to do many things helping the citizens of Bradford County in various ways. In 1986, he began working in the District Attorney’s Office under Dan Barrett. Ondrey was the only assistant at that time and Dan was a part-time district attorney, so Ondrey had many duties, such as the running of the office.

He then moved to private practice with James Pruyne where he became a partner in the firm. He dealt with various legal issues for his clients. While working as a partner, he continued to expand his experience on a part time basis by occasionally helping the district attorney. District Attorney Stephen Downs asked Ondrey to join the District Attorney’s Office as a full-time first assistant district attorney, which he started serving in 2003, and has served Bradford County as a full-time assistant district attorney for over 18 years.

Ondrey has hands-on experience with the prosecution of thousands of cases from the decision to charge through preliminary hearings, motions, trials, and appeals. Ondrey has been actively involved in the management of the caseload as well as directing and supervising staff. The district attorney is the chief law enforcement office of the county and Ondrey, as first assistant from 2003 to the present and the only assistant from 1986 to mid-1988, has been there to support three district attorneys: Daniel Barrett, Stephen Downs, and Robert Fleury, and also helped on a part-time basis on three occasions.

“I am proud to serve Bradford County as an assistant district attorney and believe I am the most qualified candidate to be the next district attorney of Bradford County,” he said. “Together with the citizens of Bradford County we can make a difference.”

“I ask for your vote for District Attorney on Nov. 5, 2019.”