Shown is the intersection of Route 6 and Route 187 in Wysox Township.

WYSOX TOWNSHIP — Citing safety concerns and traffic congestion at the intersection of Route 187 and Route 6 in Wysox Township, PennDOT is exploring possible solutions including signal improvements and a roundabout, commonly referred to as a traffic circle, to combat the issue.

Wysox Township Supervisor Jon Kulick told the Review that township representatives has met with PennDOT officials from Montoursville in June, but that the meeting was very preliminary.

Kulick continued to say that because of vehicular and pedestrian fatalities at the intersection in the past decade the project to improve safety at the intersection had been moved higher on PennDOT’s to-do list.

PennDOT officials told the Review on Thursday that nothing has been decided yet, but that a roundabout and signal improvements are being considered. A roundabout at the intersection would provide a freer flow of traffic which could alleviate the congested Golden Mile Road, especially during rush hours.

“Our considerations include what would be the safest and most efficient option for traffic,” a PennDOT spokesperson told the Review.

The signal improvement project would entail the widening of lanes, new signals installed and geometric changes to the roadway.

The construction of a roundabout would have to overcome some physical obstacles like the Franklin Insurance Building, the Wysox Hotel and other adjacent structures as the traffic circle would have to be wide enough to accommodate tractor trailers, fire trucks and other large vehicles that use the intersection daily.

According to PennDOT, traffic circles offer improved safety and reduced delay when compared to other forms of at-grade intersections because the traffic circles offer fewer conflict points, slower speeds and easier decision making. Roundabouts also typically carry around 30 percent more vehicles than similarly sized signaled intersections during peak flow hours and during off-peak hours cause almost no delay.

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