The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections added photo books to the list of items that inmates can receive, effective as of Tuesday.

The addition of photo books came with some specific rules that must be followed or the photo book will be returned to sender.

The Department of Corrections requires that each photo book is limited to a maximum of 25 photos, may only be soft-bound and must originate from an original source/third-party vendor.

“Since we changed our inmate mail policy due to serious drug contraband issues, we know that family and friends of inmates were unhappy with the quality of the copied photos our mail processing vendor provided,” said Corrections Secretary John Wetzel in a press release. “That’s why we’ve been working to find an alternative that allows for better quality photos while still conforming to our security policies.”

The photo books are to be mailed to the D.O.C.’s Security Processing Center at 268 Bricker Road, Bellefonte, PA 16823. The inmate’s name and inmate number are also required.

Once a photo book clears the Security Processing Center, it will then be shipped to the appropriate state prison mailroom, which is the same process for sending other books to inmates according to the D.O.C.’s press release.

All the photos will be inspected to make sure they comply with the D.O.C.’s policies on pictures.

“The addition of photo books is another example of adjustments the D.O.C. has made to improve contact between inmates and their families and friends,” according to their press release.

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