The Pennsylvania State Police are warning individuals required to register as a sex offender to be wary of fraud based scams that are targeting such individuals.

According to the police, registered sex offenders are receiving calls from individuals claiming to be law enforcement requiring cash cards or money transfers in order for them to remain compliant with their registration requirements.

Any individual receiving such a call is warned to not give any financial information without verifying the caller’s information. Those receiving such a call are asked to attempt to verify the phone number of the caller, obtain as much information about the caller as possible, note the instructions that were given to resolve the registration issue, and then contact their local police department.

Any registered sex offender that receives such a call and has any questions regarding their compliance status may contact the Pennsylvania State Police, Megan’s Law Section at (866) 771-3170. According to police, the perpetrators can be very difficult to locate and an electronic money transfer can often lead to funds being unable to be recovered.

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