Reclaiming Armistice Day

Review Photo/Nathan Brown

Tom Palumbo (left) and Michael Keane prepare to take off from The Waverly Glen on Saturday.

Local duo walks 11 miles on Nov. 11

WAVERLY — Tom Palumbo and Michael Keane took off from The Waverly Glen in the 20-degree temperatures of Saturday morning for an 11-mile walk with one goal in mind, spreading the word of Armistice Day.

Armistice Day was originally celebrated on Nov. 11 following World War I, to commemorate the ending of the “War to end all wars,” said Keane on Saturday.

Following World War II, the day shifted to Veterans Day.

On Saturday, the duo was joined by other members of the community for portions of their walk as they made their way through local cemeteries and past places of faith. Traveling through two states and four towns.

The purpose of Saturday’s trek was to instill what “The actual premise of what Nov. 11 was intended to be” onto those who witnessed it.

Palumbo and Keane related that they are not against what Veterans Day stands for, but they feel that “We should be honoring veterans and not war.”

“I say support the troops, but I don’t support the war. That’s the difference,” said Palumbo. “To me, Armistice Day is more than a sale on automobiles or living room furniture sets. We should kind of go back and rethink what brought us to this point.”

Palumbo went on to state that Veterans Day insists that Americans are in an “exclusive club.”

“Armistice day, it’s everybody, a WWI community,” he added.

Palumbo, a veteran himself, related that he carries a quote from General Douglas McCarthy with him.

“Soldier above all praise for peace because it’s the soldier who bears the deepest scars and wounds of war,” recited Palumbo.

The duo’s journey was under the broader umbrella of who works to reclaim Armistice Day.

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