SOUTH WAVERLY — On March 26, as the Pennsylvania Department of Health reported Bradford County’s second positive case of COVID-19, Sayre Borough Police Chief Dan Reynolds had taken to Facebook to share with the public that his department had been affected.

On Monday, Reynolds shared some details about how the department had been impacted with the South Waverly Borough Council, which the department serves.

“There was a lot of us in the department affected by COVID. Most of us caught it from an individual that we arrested back in March who was from the New York City area,” Reynolds explained.

“(The suspect) apparently walked out of the quarantine. He was arrested the week before that in New York City with like $400,000 worth of drugs and they sent him to a rehab — that’s New York state bail for you — and he just walked away,” Reynolds continued. “Unfortunately, he stole a car, took a right off the exit and ended up in Sayre in a chase with us, and unfortunately, we dealt with him and a number of us caught it from him.”

At the virus’ peak in the department, Sayre police were reduced to around 55% of staff.

“Luckily, everyone came back healthy and cleared,” Reynolds said. “Nobody was hospitalized or anything like that, but it was just very uncomfortable for 15 days ... until most people got over the symptoms.”

Testing was hard to come by at that time, the chief explained, and was mainly available to those exhibiting the symptom of shortness of breath, which most of the officers who were infected did not exhibit.

“We were very fortunate that it was nothing serious as far as the illness,” he said.

Members of the South Waverly Borough Council and Mayor Tim Hickey thanked Reynolds for the department’s efforts during the pandemic.