Sayre ready for COVID-19 response following emergency declaration

A Disaster of Declaration Emergency will now allow Sayre Borough to quickly respond to the COVID-19 pandemic locally, as needed.

SAYRE BOROUGH — With the adoption of an emergency declaration Wednesday, Sayre officials positioned the borough to be able to respond quickly, as needed, to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The declaration, adopted by the borough council Wednesday as part of a meeting optimized to encourage appropriate social distancing, recognized the possibility for the threat of COVID-19 to increase, the potential deadly outcomes for vulnerable populations, and the impacts precautionary actions have already had on “non-essential” businesses, schools, child care, entertainment, and other community staples.

As part of the declaration, the borough’s emergency management coordinator was directed to coordinate efforts with Bradford County emergency management and take whatever actions are necessary in response to the public health emergency. The declaration also enabled departments and officials to suspend certain regulatory requirements in order to take faster action.

“It (the declaration) starts laying the groundwork for emergency actions,” said borough Manager Dave Jarrett. “It puts the mechanisms in place so if and when conditions get worse, the borough has the ability to take the appropriate actions to ensure public safety.”

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