Sound system updates, new track lighting policy afloat in Canton

Canton’s Board of Education elected to update some of the district’s sound systems and change their track lighting policy during a Thursday meeting.

CANTON — With a new school year at full throttle, Canton School District will soon be making changes to lighting on the Warriors’ track and sound systems within the elementary and high school gymnasiums and high school auditorium.

Over recent years, the Warriors’ track has been lit nightly by four 1500 watt light bulbs until midnight to allow for community members to walk at night if they so desire.

During a Thursday meeting of the Canton Board of Education, Business Manager Mark Jannone stated that years ago when the board voted to keep the lights on outside of use during football games they were aware that the decision voided the bulbs’ warranty.

The lights are now burnt out and the original company’s estimate to replace them topples $3,700 with options of downgrading them to 1000 watt bulbs for over $4,000 or making a switch to LED bulbs for $25,000.

Jannone stated that school officials are “looking into alternate means to getting 70 foot off the ground to switch a lightbulb,” as bulbs themselves only cost approximately $70 and completing the work without the company does not void the bulbs’ warranty.

The board voted to replace the bulbs through the school’s own means for an estimated $300 to $400 and no longer use them outside of football games.

Jannone stated that there will still be minimal lighting provided by other sources near the track at night.

Canton School District may also have upgraded sound systems as the board voted to commit up to $9,000 for new systems in Canton’s elementary and high school gymnasiums and updates to the system currently in the high school auditorium.

“They’re obsolete, they need work, if nothing else the auditorium needs re-wired,” stated Jannone.

Jannone explained that a “ballpark estimate” of $18,000 was given by local business owner Chris Boggs for all three sound systems to be updated or upgraded.

Jannone stated that the board will ask booster clubs that utilize the gym and auditorium facilities to fundraise for the other half of the $18,000 estimate and will receive a second opinion on the work from Robert M. Sides.

“This is something that will last a very, very long time, it hasn’t been done in 20 years,” he said.

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