TROY — Troy Area School District officially welcomed a new superintendent, Dr. Eric Stair, during a special meeting Wednesday, during which a former Troy administrator warned him that the district has great teachers, administrators and students but “more manipulation than all the seasons of Survivor put together.”

Stair, who was raised in Millville, Pennsylvania, served five years in the United States Marine Corps after high school then began his teaching career in the School District of Philadelphia before returning to Millville to serve as a high school principal for the last 11 years.

Stair has earned a Doctorate Degree in Education Administration as well as a Superintendent Certification.

“I’m really excited to move into the area to become a part of the One Team Troy,” Stair stated. “I’m really excited to work with the school board and also the teachers and administrators as well as the students and getting to know the community.”

Stair told that he plans to kick off his time at Troy “just getting to know everyone and building relationships with everyone” as well as “learning about the Trojans and all the good things that they’re already doing and building that trust and rapport with everyone.”

All nine members of the Troy School Board voted in favor of Stair’s employment, which includes a starting salary of $115,000 and a contract beginning July 1, 2020 and ending June 30, 2023 pending a “mutually agreeable contract.”

During the special meeting of the school board held to hire Stair, recently retired Troy Intermediate School Principal Mary Abreu addressed the new superintendent with both well wishes and warnings.

“I’m hoping you bring with you the skills and the tact to manage our district,” Abreu said. “There are more alliances and manipulations in this district than all the seasons of Survivor put together. In my opinion you will have to start at yellow feet and build in order to get this unit in good operational shape. It is in desperate need of trust building, teamwork, loyalty and doing what is best for kids. You have a great group of teachers and administrators and a great community that supports our children. I wish you the best and look forward to your leadership.”

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