State ‘quick dip’ initiative to pay prison for temporarily housing state parolees

Bradford County Correctional Facility Warden Donald Stewart, at far left, talks about the state’s “quick dip” program. Also pictured, from left, are Commissioner Daryl Miller, Secretary Michelle Shedden, Commissioner Ed Bustin, Sheriff C.J. Walters, and Judge Evan Williams III.

The Bradford County Correctional Facility will soon start receiving some compensation from Pennsylvania for temporarily housing state parolees arrested in its jurisdiction.

On Thursday, the county’s Prison Board voted to participate in a Pennsylvania Department of Corrections’ “quick dip” program, as presented by Warden Donald Stewart.

Stewart referenced correspondence from Department of Corrections Secretary John E. Wetzel as he explained that the program would pay the prison $75 a day per state parolee, with their stay to last no longer than seven days.

“What this is if there is someone on state parole and they have a minor violation and they want to put them in for three, five, or seven days, but they don’t want to take them back to state prison, they want us in the county to hold them,” Stewart said.

The program is optional for counties to participate in, Stewart added, and given its short-term nature, doesn’t require any extra training for prison staff.

“All we have to do is provide the normal medical and all that stuff for them,” he said.

Sheriff C.J. Walters, the prison board’s chairman, suggested they participate in the program “for the fact that we do it anyways and we don’t get paid.”

“It’s county taxpayers paying it,” he continued. “At least we are getting reimbursed.”

Stewart estimated that the jail houses three or four state parolees each month.

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