NELSON TOWNSHIP — A Pennsylvania State Trooper was shot in Nelson Township, Tioga County while attempting to conduct a welfare check on Barney Hill Road on Tuesday afternoon, according to state police.

According to the Pennsylvania State Police official Facebook page, patrol officers attempted to conduct a welfare check at the aforementioned location at approximately 12:30 p.m. when the subject of the welfare check opened fire at the troopers. One trooper was struck and was transported by helicopter to receive medical attention.

In response to the shooting, Williamson High School was placed in “secure mode,” as a safety precaution for students and faculty. Secure mode means that all staff and students at the school will remain inside until the closing of school. The school also organized a parent link for all parents of students in the school.

According to state police, the trooper who was shot was conscious and alert before receiving treatment. Another trooper at the scene suffered a broken leg while seeking cover from gunfire. Both are in stable condition after their treatments, the trooper with a broken leg was released from the hospital, according to official sources.

Three state troopers originally responded to the location for the welfare check, according to a public information release Tuesday evening. The released stated that a caller who had regular contact with the subject of the welfare check told police that they had not been able to contact the subject for a couple of weeks.

When police arrived, troopers announced themselves and attempted to ascertain if anyone was in the residence, according to the release. After no response, troopers entered through an unlocked door and announced their presence again. It was then that a gunshot was fired at the troopers, striking one of them. The troopers then retreated, requested backup and secured the scene.

The gunman remained barricaded at the scene at the time of publication. A State Police SERT (Special Emergency Response Team) was activated and was currently on scene.

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