Terwilliger seeking Libertarian Party nomination for 12th Congressional District

Members of the Libertarian Party of Bradford County will be attending the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania’s state convention March 7 and 8 in Philadelphia. Members will caucus with representatives from other counties in the district to nominate a candidate for the 12th Congressional District seat currently help by Republican Fred Keller.

Among the Bradford County members attending will be Liz Terwilliger of Warren Center. Terwilliger is an Early Intervention speech-language pathologist who works in Bradford and Sullivan counties, chairwoman of Walk for Our Buddies, and the event coordinator for Carter Lackey Memorial Miles. Terwilliger is seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination for the 12th Congressional District. She has thus far secured the endorsement of the Susquehanna Valley Libertarian Party and the chair of the Libertarian Party of Bradford County.

“I am frustrated with career politicians of both major parties. I don’t think we need politicians. We need representatives,” said Terwilliger. “We need people who will serve their neighbors for a few years, not make a career out of working in Washington.”

The Libertarian Party of Bradford County is the largest in the 12th District and is continuing to grow. Members will be meeting Thursday evening to vote on the nomination of Terwilliger in advance of the convention.

Those interested in learning more or attending a Libertarian Party of Bradford County event, visit the Facebook page, facebook.com/bralppa.