TOWANDA – Towanda Area School District Superintendent Dennis Peachey is optimistic that COVID-19 vaccinations could become available to district staff later this month, although the optimism he expressed during Monday’s school board meeting, based on discussions with Guthrie, came with the realistic outlook that things could change.

“I’m hesitant to make any concrete promises because if things fell through, I’d feel terrible,” said Peachey. “But the discussions we’ve had with Guthrie and their leadership has been very encouraging.”

The district has put out a survey in order compile the number of vaccinations they would need once available.

Once the process moves forward, Peachey said those administering the vaccine would come to the district after a schedule is worked out. This could include between six to eight nurses who could be assisted by the district’s nurses.

“Each nurse, they said, could realistically give seven or eight vaccinations an hour,” said Peachey. “So, you start looking at how many people need them, how many nurses they will bring, and you start doing the math. … Realistically, it would be great on a day that we don’t have school, but that’s just something we’ll have to work through.”

This phase of vaccinations would also include coaching staff, according to Peachey, and the district has been reaching out to those who aren’t on the faculty emailing lists.

“This is something that we’re going to leave up to each individual person to make that decision,” he noted.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines are currently in Phase 1A, which includes long-term care facilities and health care personnel. Schools will be included in the next phase – Phase 1B.

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