Towanda Township Supervisor Gary Scranton presents Towanda Fire Chief Bill Roof with a check for $50,000 as Assistant Chief Joe Shay looks on.

TOWANDA TOWNSHIP — The Towanda Township board of supervisors presented the Towanda Borough Fire Department a check for $50,000 to help pay for the department’s new ladder truck in their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday morning.

The Towanda Fire Department has been in search of a new truck recently after repairs to their 1987 95-foot tower truck have become too frequent and expensive to continue using the emergency vehicle. The new, smaller truck would replace an array of Towanda Fire Department vehicles.

Fire Chief Bill Roof first approached the Towanda Township board in April of 2019 to request support for the new truck as Towanda Township is fully serviced by Towanda Borough Fire. Supervisor Gary Scranton told the chief then that the township was happy with the service provided by the fire department and that the safety of the township’s residents was paramount, a sentiment echoed in Monday’s meeting when the check was presented.

Also in the meeting, the board moved to draft a letter to Chesapeake Energy to make the natural gas company aware that Patton Hill Road is deteriorating under the non-stop traffic of water tankers traveling to and from a nearby well pad.

Roadmaster Ray Green reported to the board that the road has suffered more than the usual amount of erosion, particularly berms dug out by tankers that have gone off road, in recent weeks. Green noted that the berms having a significant drop off pose a risk to travelers with no winter weather, and when there is snow on the ground the berms appear to be deceptively consistent with the paved road.

The supervisors noted that the letter would serve as a first notice to the company about the deteriorated road.

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