ORWELL TOWNSHIP – Towanda High School senior Taylor Bride-Marshall was crowned the 2020-2021 Bradford County Dairy Princess Saturday as part of a livestreamed event at the North Orwell Community Hall that marked the 58th crowning by the county’s Dairy Promotion Team.

Bride-Marshall said she was shocked, but happy to receive the title. To those watching the pageant and the surrounding community, she added, “I can’t wait to meet you guys and teach you more about the dairy industry.”

Bride-Marshall was chosen following a lengthy deliberation by the pageant’s judges. Troy High School junior Hope Houseknecht and Athens High School sophomore Charity Wampole, the other two vying for the crown Saturday, will round out the Dairy Promotion Team as princess alternates.

“No matter what position these girls serve on our promotion team, they are a team,” said Program Coordinator Lu-Anne Antisdel before announcing the princess. “They will travel far and wide across the county as a team and do a great job, the three of them together.”

They each read an essay, performed a skit, were interviewed privately, and answered an impromptu question before the judges decided who to crown.

The event also served as a time to recognize scholarship winners Cheyenne Bastion-Brown ($100), Roxanne Kingsley ($200) and Kendal Jenkins ($500) from the organization’s essay contest, as well as look back on how the Dairy Promotion Team has been able to give back to the community in recent weeks.

Between two dairy giveaways – one at Victory Church and another on the Northeast Bradford School District grounds – the Dairy Promotion Team gave away over 1,000 gallons of milk, 1,000 blocks of cheese, and 1,000 pounds of butter. According to board President Erin Cole, dairy, school, and church volunteers served more than 400 cars at each respective location. “It was a huge undertaking,” she said.

“When you partner and teams work together, you can get things done. It doesn’t happen by just a single individual,” said Treasurer Connie Kuhlman.

According to Kuhlman, the giveaways came about through Dairy Farmers of America as a way to alleviate the milk dumping that has been taking place across the country due to the impact COVID-19 closures have had on the food supply chain, while also helping the many families currently in need of food.

The Dairy Farmers of America also helped stock 1,000 gallons of milk in the county’s food pantries about a week prior. The Bradford County Dairy Promotion Team purchased the butter and cheese that was given away.

“You can be very proud of the work we do in our dairy princess promotion program,” she said.

In addition to being able to help the community, Kuhlman noted that it gave NEB teachers volunteering their time a chance to see their students.

Also taking part in the Dairy Promotion Team through the year ahead will be Dairy Ambassadors Blaze Wood and Kathryn Fritsch; Dairy Maids Brooke Calkins, Meredith Cole, Addison MacBride, Sara Reed, Aubree Route, Gabrielle Spencer, and Aianna Steele; and Dairy Misses Kendall Calkins, Olivia Champluiver, Rachel Fritsch, Alexis Hardy and Lauren Reed.

Those interested in having the Bradford County Dairy Princess and Dairy Promotion Team attend their event can contact Antisdel at Luanne.antisdel@yahoo.com.

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