Troy Borough to receive over $121,000 from most recent COVID-19 Relief Bill

Troy Borough Manager Dan Close, Troy Borough President Jason Hodlofski, Troy Borough council members David Blair and Kaylene Ridenour and Troy Borough Police Chief Ralph Dooley are shown in a screenshot of a monthly Troy Borough Council meeting held virtually on Thursday.

TROY — Troy Borough will receive over $120,000 over the next two years from the latest federal COVID-19 Relief Bill.

During a monthly Troy Borough Council meeting on Friday, Troy Borough Manager Dan Close announced that the borough will receive “a little over $121,000” from the COVID-19 Relief Bill that was approved by President Joe Biden earlier this month.

Close stated that the funds will be distributed to Troy Borough in two separate payments of slightly over $60,000 each.

The first $60,000 payment that Troy Borough will receive is expected to be delivered to the municipality within the next 60 days, Close said, adding that the second payment will not be distributed to the borough until at least one year later.

Close told borough council members that there are “no strings” attached to the money that dictate what it can or can not be spent on and that the borough will likely use the funding to help pay for the new sewage grit removal system the borough recently approved for purchase that is budgeted at over $150,000.

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