Putting the Fun in fundrasing

A near capacity crowd of supporters for the Troy Fair is pictured.

The weather wasn’t keeping anyone at bay Saturday night as the crowd just kept coming into the venue at Alparon Park. While the tickets were sold as all inclusive for food and drinks for two, the price tag of a $100 was still quite a bargain.

As the hustle and bustle of the event was just about to kick into full swing, Cathy Jenkins, president of the Troy Fair, and Josh Curren, vice president of the Troy Fair, were able to spare a few moments in a busy night.

“The whole event is a reverse raffle,” Cathy Jenkins shared. “Then we have a Chinese auction, a prize wheel, 50-50s, and some other things.” It’s all to support the Troy Fair’s project to put a roadway in by the rise. We’re looking to raise about $50,000 for that.”

Most in the community can remember the recent flooding of the fair during 2018, this project as well as few others such as changing the layout of the fair were in response to prevent such a thing from happening again. With the Troy Fair being the largest event Bradford County puts on, many members of the town were eager to support this fundraiser.

While discussing the attendance of the event as well as the venue Josh commented, “We’re kind of at capacity.” He then continued, “About 300 to 350 people is about the max you can get in here.”

However in comparison to last year’s event Cathy stated, “We’re probably a few short this year, there’s so much going on in the same night, but still we’re really close to where we were last year.”

There was quite a lot of buzz in the crowd for the Chinese auction, everyone was eager for it to begin and Cathy explained, “They want to do that first because there are a lot of great prizes donated by local businesses, which is really nice.”

Attendees enjoyed food provided by In His Service Professional Catering, alongside adult beverages being donated by Flint Energy Services, and three local wineries, Staggering Unicorn, Joe Perry’s Winery, and Mount Blake Winery, providing the wine.

During and after the raffles, the DJ provided entertainment late into the evening with the idea in mind that it would conclude around the same time as last year, after one o’clock in the morning.

When summarizing how she felt about the event, Cathy explained, “We would really like to thank everyone who purchased a ticket and all of the sponsors who helped us. This really helps when we do a project like the roadway. We can’t say enough about those who generously support us in this. The Troy Fair is the largest event in Bradford County and we try to keep big improvements here. We’re always trying to make it bigger and better.”

Throughout the year the venues of the Troy Fair are available for rental; interested parties are encouraged to call (570) 297-3648 or visit www.troyfair.com.

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