Troy moves to condem or repair abandoned residence

Troy Borough officials have moved forward with steps to have an empty residence at 405 Elmira Street repaired or removed.

TROY — Elmira Street in Troy may soon have one less building, as town officials have moved forward with action to have a long empty residence repaired or condemned.

In a unanimous vote, Troy Borough Council elected to take action for the repair or removal of a house at 405 Elmira Street during a meeting at the end of August.

The residence violates a borough property maintenance ordinance and has been deemed an eye sore by the board.

Borough Manager Dan Close stated that the residence is currently owned by PHH Mortgage Corporation.

“It’s high time the bank takes care of their problem,” he stated.

Close said he has been in contact with the bank and made them aware that a vote was to be held concerning the potential condemnation of the property.

Close explained that now that council has voted on taking action regarding the property a code enforcement representative or certified contractor will be hired to determine if the residence can be fixed or if it must be demolished.

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