ULSTER — The truck detour put in place to prevent vehicles exceeding 45 feet in length from using Bridge Street in Ulster Township has been lifted.

Gideon Lapitan of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) reported on Wednesday that although the truck detour has been lifted, the Cash Creek Road and pedestrian detours for the area of construction at the intersection of Bridge Street and state Route 220 remain in effect.

PennDOT will be covering the word “detour” on the Cash Creek Road and pedestrian signs to help deter any future complications or confusion.

During Monday’s regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Ulster Township Supervisors, Chairman Boyd Rowe related that with the truck detour that was in effect, along with the combination of Cash Creek and pedestrian signs, tractor-trailer operators had become confused.

Through the placement of signage, trucks were turning onto Ulster Road and then attempting to turn onto Second Street where damage has been caused.

The problem is in the fact that Second Street is not wide enough to take on the turns of the large-trucks and the trucks were entering into yards, knocking down signs and tearing up the blacktop.

“It’s not the truck drivers’ fault, it’s the way it’s marked,” remarked Bowe on Monday.

The former detour was designed to bring trucks through town, to U.S. Route 6 in North Towanda Township, to James Street and then onto Sheshequin Road to bring them to the other side of the river.

However, the signage began in the Ulster Narrows, stating that a truck detour was ahead for trucks over 45 feet.

Once the trucks came into town, signs pertaining to a pedestrian detour appear with what Rowe described as a “a little stick figure of a pedestrian.”

As many of the truck drivers who traverse through Ulster are not from the area, they follow the pedestrian detour signs onto Ulster Road, where the problem was at.

Rowe stated on Wednesday that he feels the changes applied by PennDOT should fix the problem and he agrees with the direction they’ve taken to fix the issue.

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