W.R. Croman playground undergoes $130K renovation

Construction has begun on the playground at W.R. Croman Primary School.

TROY – The playground at W.R. Croman Primary School is currently undergoing renovations and will soon reopen with additional equipment and updated safety measures.

Construction began this week and is expected to continue into next week, according to Troy Area School District Business Administrator Traci Gilliland.

New rubber matting is being laid in a portion of the area to replace the current loose rubber ground material, making the playground not only safer but more accessible for children and individuals who may utilize equipment such as a wheelchair.

New playground features being installed include a Rock N’ Wave (an inclusive group swing similar to one already in place as Troy Intermediate School), a dome climbing structure that was purchased by the former Mosherville Elementary Parent Teacher Organization and later utilized at Troy Intermediate School, a spinner and two swings.

The loose rubber material previously used on the playground grounds will be saved and reused in areas including under the swing set to accommodate its high volume of usage.

Additional sidewalks are also being added to the playground facility, which will aid in keeping loose rubber from being displaced into the grass and will create a path for students from the school building to the rubber matting, making it easier for them to stay out of wet grass and serving as a quick and easy way to re-enter the building in an emergency situation.

An old tetherball pole will be removed from the school grounds and a current partial asphalt, partial dirt walking path will be removed to make the area safer and allow for more grassy space.

Two funnel ball baskets are being relocated across from each other to form a makeshift basketball court as well.

One portion of the playground that is a “low spot” that often collects water will be excavated and a yard drain will be installed to provide better drainage, according to Darin Rathbun with Hunt Engineers, Architects, and Surveyors.

Gilliland stated that the W.R. Croman playground project will cost approximately $130,000.

Playground construction has been approved by W.R. Croman Principal Steve Brion and is scheduled to be completed prior to the school’s parking lot paving project this summer.

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