NORTH TOWANDA TOWNSHIP — The Bradford County Planning Commission announced that longtime board member Steve Westbrook was resigning from his position on the board in their monthly meeting on Tuesday.

Westbrook has served on the board for more than 23 years and according to County Planning Director Matthew Williams, Westbrook was “instrumental” in completing the current SALDO and county comprehensive plans.

“On behalf of the Bradford County Planning Commission and staff, I would like to commend you on your valued service over the past 20 plus years as a citizen planner,” said a letter from the planning commission to Westbrook read by board member Warren Knapp in the meeting. “You demonstrated the ability to work well with fellow board members, staff, engineers, surveyors, and the general public.”

“You also conveyed sensible planning advice and contributed to decisions important to the future of Bradford County communities, especially during the development and adoption of the 2003 Bradford County subdivision and land development ordinance as well as the Bradford County Comprehensive Plan and 2006 Bradford County Open Space, Greenway and Outdoor Recreation Plan and the 2018 Bradford County Comprehensive Plan,” Knapp continued. “It’s our hope you succeed in everything you do and continue to provide unselfish volunteerism with the Bradford County Planning Commission. You will be truly missed as an active citizen planner.”

Williams said in the meeting that Westbrook told him that it was “just time” for him to leave.

The Bradford County Commissioners now have 30 days from the acceptance of his resignation to fill Westbrook’s position on the board. Ideally, the position would be filled by someone from the Valley area.

Williams said the meeting that the Commissioners have some “irons in the fire” on ideas on who would replace Westbrook, but no announcement has been made.

Westbrook works as a citizen planner, real estate agent and appraiser in the Athens area.

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