WYSOX TOWNSHIP – Prompted by the concerns of a resident, the Wysox Township Supervisors have been looking into an engine braking restriction on a portion of the Golden Mile Road and recently received approval to implement it from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

However, before supervisors can take action on an ordinance to put the restriction in place, officials want to seek clarification from PennDOT about what the approval entails.

According to township Manager/Zoning Officer John Kulick, they wanted to target the restriction between the intersection with Laning Creek Road and Sheetz, where engine braking is used the most.

However, because PennDOT had issued approval for all of Route 6 within the township’s borders, Supervisor Chairman Bill Them wanted to clarify whether or not they would have to apply the engine brake restriction to the entire span of Route 6 or if they could just target their intended area.

“Before we do an ordinance, I think we want to clarify that we have the option to put it where we want,” Them said.

Once an ordinance is passed, the township will have to erect signs to notify the large truck traffic passing through and inform the Pennsylvania State Police so they can enforce the law, according to Kulick.

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