Wysox Zoning

The Wysox Township Supervisors adopted a new zoning map for the township on Wednesday.

WYSOX TOWNSHIP — The Wysox Township Board of Supervisors carried a motion to adopt the township’s new zoning map in their most recent meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

The new map that reduces the township’s 11 zones into seven has been in the works for more than five years according to Township Manager Jon Kulick.

Kulick told the Review that the biggest changes that new map has over the old one that was passed in 1994 are that of the extension of the Limited Business/Residential area through the northern part of Route 187 would become more commercialized and the redrawing of boundaries between zones that follow already drawn property lines.

“There was too much confusion,” Kulick said about the old map where boundaries between zones were drawn from measurements from roads instead of property lines.

The changes in zones were that of special residential one and two were combined with residential one and two, the changing of conservation areas that were used essentially as agriculture/residential to agricultural/residential and the combining of two commercial districts into one.

Supervisor Evan Barnes told the Review that the commercialization of the north section of Route 187 is a part of the township broad plan for the long term future, something already outlined in the township’s comprehensive plan.

“That’s the direction we want to point them, because we really run out of space going up Route 6 and further,” Barnes said of prospective Wysox businesses. “That’s where we want to designate future commercial growth.”

Barnes said that the planning commission and the supervisors heard and took into consideration a lot of input from the public on the new map. Multiple public hearings on the new map took place with changes made from input in the meetings.

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