Derek Richard Hunsinger, 28, of Ulster, was arrested after Sayre police saw his Ford Ranger truck driving north on North Lehigh Avenue without a working passenger side headlight.

After his vehicle was stopped, police noted that they could smell alcohol, and that Hunsinger had slurred speech, glassy eyes and dilated pupils. As Hunsinger was being arrested, he requested that his car be pulled into a parking lot instead of being towed. Entering the vehicle, police smelled marijuana and found a plastic sandwich baggie in the glove box that ultimately tested positive for the drug.

Hunsinger faces several DUI-related charges as well as a summary violation for the light that was out.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Sept. 3 before Magisterial District Judge Larry Hurley.


Brendan Tyler White, 19, of Sayre, was charged with misdemeanor theft from a motor vehicle and theft by unlawful taking after Sayre police found him in possession of a stolen purse with $91 inside, according to court documents.

White was sent to the Bradford County Correctional Facility on $25,000 bail. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Aug. 13 before Magisterial District Judge Larry Hurley.

DUI/drug possession

Richard Kenneth Brennan, 41, of Sayre, faces two DUI-related charges and five summary violations after a July 15 traffic stop in Sayre Borough.

According to Sayre police, Brennan was driving a Nissan X-Terra with a loud exhaust, smashed front passenger side bumper and broken rear driver’s side window. After the traffic stop, Brennan got out of the vehicle and approached police despite instructions to keep his hands on the wheel, but complied after being held at Taser point. A passenger in the vehicle, 31-year-old Shelly Ann Hall, had also exited the vehicle and told police that she had a glass pipe for methamphetamine and a bag that had meth in it in her book bag. Searching her bag, police also found a cut drinking straw with white residue inside and suspected raw marijuana inside a small plastic container.

Hall was arrested for possession of controlled substance, drugs, device or cosmetic; three counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession or distribution of a small amount of marijuana.

Police said Brennan had dilated pupils and appeared to be sweaty and agitated, which are common signs of being under the influence of a stimulant. He was arrested after refusing to complete standard field sobriety testing and admitting to having taken a hit of meth a few hours before. A blood test performed later reflected use of amphetamine and methamphetamine. Police noted that Brennan didn’t have proof of insurance or registration, and the license plate didn’t belong to the vehicle.

Preliminary hearings for both Brennan and Hall are scheduled for Sept. 3 before Magisterial District Judge Larry Hurley.

Possession of a controlled substance

Richard Leo Douglas Vanderpool, 29, of Athens, faces two counts of possession of a controlled substance, drugs, device or cosmetic after Sayre police pulled over a vehicle driving erratically on North Lehigh Avenue and onto Spring Street on July 21.

Vanderpool, who was a passenger in the vehicle, was found with about 2 grams of methamphetamine on him.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sept. 3 before Magisterial District Judge Larry Hurley.

Disorderly conduct

Sayre Borough police have charged Jeffery Lynn Agnew, 58 of Athens with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass following an incident that occurred on July 31.

According to court documents, Agnew walked into the Sayre Police Department around 10:30 a.m. on July 31 and yelled at the dispatcher, complaining about his fence on Linden Street that was allegedly damaged in a motor vehicle accident the week prior and that he was never notified about it.

Agnew was directed to call the officer who was conducting the investigation but became angry and claimed that his towing business was “discriminated against” by Sayre Police, eventually threatening to “sue Sayre Borough,” according to court documents.

An affidavit of probable cause states that Agnew refused to leave the department after being asked several times and was placed under arrest and resisted arrest. Agnew later apologized.

A preliminary hearing for Agnew has been scheduled for Aug. 27 before Magisterial District Judge Larry Hurley.

Overnight accommodations

Pennsylvania State Police have charged William Robert Trindle, 41 of Canton with felonies of burglary — overnight accommodations and theft by unlawful taking or disposition as well as criminal trespass following an incident on July 18.

According to police records, officers responded to a residence in Granville after reports of a burglary.

Court documents state that a man identified as Trindle was seen exiting a house and when approached told the resident that he was looking for construction work before being seen putting something in the cab of his vehicle.

Trindle could not get his vehicle to start, worked under the hood and was given help by the resident before leaving and the resident later realized items were disturbed or missing, according to police records.

Court records show that Trindle was later found and during arrest found with “a large number of quarters” and half of a spoon in his pockets. Trindle told police that he believed the building was abandoned and that he was looking for scrap to sell and cash and that he had stolen “some jars of currency and a crappy drill.”

A preliminary hearing for Trindle is scheduled for Aug. 14 before Magisterial District Judge Jonathan Wilcox.