Drug arrest

As reported by the Pennsylvania State Police, on Feb. 19 a fugitive from New York was tracked down in the Troy Township area.

Nancy Cowl, 30 from Horseheads, New York, was located at 14 Motel Road and arrested on felony narcotics charges from New York State.

PFA violation

On Feb. 26 at Vista Drive, in the North Towanda Township, an unidentified male violated the terms of the PFA placed against him, according to the Pennsylvania State Police.

The police report the unidentified male, 42, violated the terms by sending unwanted text messages to the victim. The male was taken into custody and committed to Bradford County Correctional Facility in lieu of bail.

Drug possession

In a report released by the Sayre Borough Police Department, on Feb. 25 two individuals were spotted by the police after noticing a vehicle pulled into a closed restaurant on North Keystone Avenue.

As police pulled into the parking lot to investigate what was going on, the vehicle next to individuals pulled away. The police exited their vehicle and spoke with the two individuals still in the parking lot. The male was identified as Edward Menedez, 27, of Owego, New York, and Melissa Casterline 20, of Waverly, New York.

While speaking with Menedez and Casterline, an officer noticed a green “snort tube” on the ground. According to the report, snort tubes are used to ingest illegal narcotics. Upon seeing this near Casterline, the officers advised her she was under arrest. Menedez disclosed that he had marijuana and needles in his possession and was placed under arrest as well.

Menedez had on his person: a bag of marijuana, ten hypodermic needles in a bag, six loose hypodermic needles, one marijuana pipe, and one tourniquet. Casterline had on her person: six loose hypodermic needles, five q-tips, three green plastic snort tubes, one bag of suspected crystal methamphetamine, four empty bags, and one plastic container with residue.

Both Menedez and Casterline were transported to the Sayre Police Department for processing. Menedez was released with charges to be filed while Casterline is to be arraigned on her charges. The suspected crystal methamphetamine was field-tested and this resulted in a positive test for methamphetamine.