Man charged with assault after wielding knife, bat

On Feb. 17 unidentified tenants at a Sayre apartment complex were engaged in a dispute with another man which resulted in them brandishing the handle to a vacuum cleaner to defend themselves, according to the Athens Township Police Department.

Upon arrival the police made contact with the victims at the door while they noticed Carl Edward Reynolds, 52, of Sayre, standing in the living room holding a baseball bat. Reynolds was directed to drop the bat and he complied.

According to the victims, they had installed a lock on their bedroom door and Reynolds was upset by it. They then shut and locked their door which enraged Reynolds who responded by collecting a butcher knife to help him unlock the door.

Reynolds kept telling them to unlock the door and eventually the victims complied by slowly opening the door. According to the victims’ account listed in the police report, Reynolds responded by swinging his baseball bat at them. After this, Reynolds was brandishing the bat in one hand and the knife in the other, according to the report.

Reynolds swung the bat and shattered the glass surface on the stove and it was at this point one of the victims went for the vacuum cleaner handle to defend themselves while the other called the police. The police arrived shortly after.

In a statement made to police, Reynolds said he didn’t want the lock on the door and that he did use the knife to try and unlock the door. He also admitted to using the bat to break the glass on the stove and to swinging at the victims but only swung the bat at the victims to defend himself from the vacuum wand.

Reynolds was placed under arrest and transported to the police department while the weapons were put into evidence. Reynolds will face charges for harassment, simple assault, and recklessly endangering another person.

Toy thief apprehended

According to a report released by the Athens Township Police Department, a perpetrator committing recurring thefts primarily concerning children’s toys sold at Walmart has been brought to justice.

Kim N. Powell, 37, of Vestal, was photographed and videoed by cameras at Walmart on four separate occasions working in tandem with others to steal LOL Surprise toys. The first offense took place on Aug. 23, 2019, where Powell and company were able to walk out of the garden center with the amount stolen equal to $348.00.

The next offense on Nov. 18, 2019, they exited through the grocery entrance/exit. Again the targeted merchandise were the LOL Surprise toys. Powell and company successfully removed $976.50 worth of merchandise.

The third offense transpired Dec. 26, 2019. Powell and two unidentified males headed to the toy department. After placing three items in the cart the males headed to the fishing section and pilfered fishing lures and accessories. They then hid these items in their jackets and exited the store.

Powell attempted to exit the store with her cart of items, but was challenged by associates of Walmart as she tried to leave. She was unable to produce the receipt they had asked for so she turned around and tried another exit. Again she was asked to show her receipt and eventually exited the store leaving behind her almost stolen goods. A total of $132.73 worth of merchandise was left behind in the cart, while $294.98 of fishing gear was stolen.

The final attempt took place on Jan. 4, 2020, and this time Powell involved a small unidentified child. The child was found with a book bag full of unpaid merchandise which had a total value of $92.79. At this time she claimed she was still shopping, but following this hid the unpaid for merchandise under a clothing rack in the men’s department.

After investigation, with assistance from the public and law enforcement from New York, the police were able to identify Powell. The total value of merchandise stolen was found to be $1,619.88. The offense was a felony of the third degree.

DUI reported

According to a report from the Athens Borough Police Department, on Feb. 16 an officer noticed a vehicle swerving over the double yellow lines and not using their turn signal as they navigated from Elmira Street to Susquehanna Avenue in Sayre.

After initiating a traffic stop, the driver identified themselves as Anthony Leonard Rucker, 43, of Sayre. When asked if he had been drinking, Rucker responded, “Whatever, it was it is.” He then elaborated that he had a couple of drinks because he had a funeral to go to.

Rucker complied with a request to submit to a field sobriety test, which he was unable to pass successfully. He then agreed to take a preliminary breath test, which showed positive for alcohol.

Rucker was placed under arrest and was then transported to Robert Packer Hospital for a blood draw. The officers noted in the report that he was very cooperative during the incident and was then released.


Athens Township Police Department has charged Erin Elizabeth Harrigan, 36, of Sayre with retail theft after an incident at Walmart in Sayre on June 21, 2019.

According to police records, officers received reports that an individual had stolen a container of popcorn chicken and a bag of fried chicken from the store and had fled on foot headed north at approximately 6:23 p.m.

When police arrived and located the accused, later identified as Harrigan, near Winslow Street she was shaking her head at the officer and saying “no” repeatedly, according to court documents.

Police documents state that officers asked Harrigan to move out of the road and come to talk to them and she “fumbled her belongings” that she was carrying and a container of popcorn chicken fell from her person and spilled across the street.

Harrigan could not provide a receipt for the popcorn chicken and a bag of fried chicken was not located outside of the Walmart, according to police records. When asked, Harrigan stated that she “didn’t steal any chicken.”

Video footage later showed Harrigan take a container of popcorn chicken and a bag of fried chicken outside of the Walmart without paying for them after Walmart employees stopped her at the exit and asked for the unpaid for items to be returned and for her to come into the asset protection office, according to court documents.

The value of the stolen items totaled $8.99 according to police.

Harrigan was arrested and is held at Bradford County Correctional Facility with bail set at $25,000 and a preliminary hearing scheduled for March 17 before Magisterial District Judge Larry Hurley.