Sex offender failure to register

According to a report from the Athens Township Police Department, a sex offender was taken into custody after failing to register that they had moved.

On Feb. 27 Monroe County Sheriff’s Department in New York contacted the Pennsylvania State Police, stating that a registered sex offender had moved and failed to register as was required. David E. Timm, 29, of Sayre, is a tier one sex offender and is under registry for 20 years. His last address update was in 2010 and listed a residential address in Chili, New York.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department had information stating that Timm was currently residing in Athens Township since May 2019. On March 3, the Athens Township Police in conjunction with the U.S. Marshals went to Timm’s residence.

The police and marshal found Timm in a bedroom in the back of the residence. Timm was taken into custody.

PFA violation

On Feb. 28, a Sayre man was taken into custody on Fulton Street, according to a police report from the Sayre Borough Police Department.

Tyler Rodney Wright, 28, of Sayre, was in violation of a PFA placed against him. Police had already responded to the location once before that day, but had been called back. Wright, let the police into his home willingly and was placed in custody due to being in violation of the PFA.

Wright then requested the police grab his wallet to bring with him which they complied. Both the wallet and Wright were searched and the wallet revealed an open packet labeled Euprenoprhine and Naloxone Sublingual Film CIII 8mg/2mg.

Wright was then incarcerated on the PFA violation and has charges pending for possession of drug paraphernalia.